Friday, December 24, 2010

The Project

This blog will chronicle my ruminations and observations and hopefully provide an outlet where I can begin to explore writing as an art form and relaxing medium. I've been scared of writing for too long. Reading has always been enjoyable, but something about filling that white with bodies and ligatures terrifies me. Time for that to change.

My horizons were expanded this year in a Writing Creative Non-Fiction class. The teacher was wonderful and nothing short of a modern-day philosopher who you could easily imagine sitting in a boat and finding a beautiful importance in what we consider the most mundane. However, unlike most brilliant minds, he had a talent in sharing this beauty. Inspiration couldn't help but hit me upside the head.

While exploring memories in the class, I found my notes continually returned to my Great-Grandmother; specifically, her surroundings. My final project pursued memories of her house, belongings, and as they surfaced, remembrances of her.

I discovered through trying to record these memories that writing them didn't suffice. The stories flowed most easily when vocally narrated. I began recording the stories, typing the recordings word-for-word, refining those recordings, and eventually began adding a personal commentary to the typed stories filling in further neglected detail.

These postings are formatted with the audio recordings posted first in quotation marks. The written commentaries expand further on the recordings. Audio recordings of the entire segment and spot illustrations will be added on some day other then Christmas Eve.

I hope you can glean inspiration from these as I found inspiration in a kindly writing teacher's ruminations.

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