Friday, December 24, 2010


“A typical trip to Gaya’s house we would drive in on a Sunday coming over from church to her place and then we’d always go through the back door of her apartment which was rather strange and there was always this big electric -I don’t know what it was, like a generator or it housed breakers or something I’m not sure and it was this big beige square box and when I say big I mean taller then my five year-old self, like it would probably come up mid-chest on an average sized man, and this big box in the front, like right next to our parking space, so bizarre to a young kid, this big box would have all these “Warning,” “Danger,” electrical symbols all over the top of it and all over the sides of it. and I would always skirt it, like give it plenty of wide berth because I didn’t want to touch it because of all the “Caution you could die” sort of stickers and you know that’s scary to a little girl and I would stay far away from it and when I got big enough I realized that it actually  wasn’t going to shoot lightning bolts at me so I stopped being afraid of it.”

    That box was smooth to the touch. But it always made the tips of my fingers tingle with the excitement of explicitly touching the forbidden.

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